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Shopify Social Feed

Social Blend is a simple, yet powerful tool to create a Social Media feed that can be embedded into your Shopify store or any other Ecommerce platform.

The feed can contain all usernames, brand hashtags & user-generated content from all the popular Social Media Channels.

We offer flexible plans to suit your requirements including a permanently free plan.

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Free Plan

We have a full-featured free plan available. Perfect for small sites or for trying out Social Blend.

Supported Channels

Social Blend supports usernames, hashtags & keywords for all your favourite social channels and regularly add more channels.


Create content based rules to moderate or automatically publish posts, block users, filter profanity posts.

Beautiful Themes

Social Blend has a variety of beautiful themes for your social media feed & you can always add custom styles.

Pin Posts

Pin any number of posts to the top of your feed for increased prominence.

Manual Posts

Manually add posts to your feed that don't fit a social channel or are one-off.

Why a Shopify Social Feed?

Improve user engagement, dwell time & conversions

User-generated content

Social proof of your product, service or event creates trust in your audience.

Prevent stale content

By embedding automated social media content into your site you ensure there is a constant flow of new engaging content.

Increased sales & conversions

Your social channels become sales channels. Convert followers into buyers into advocates for your brand.

Benefits of a Shopify Social Feed

Social trust by leveraging user & brand related content

Combine Social Channels

A social media feed can blend posts from many social media sources including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

Moderate Posts

Create rules to moderate or delete unsuitable posts from appearing in your feed. You have full control over what appears.

Branded Feed

Use one of our beautiful themes or add your own CSS. Set how many columns of posts on each screen size & control the entire look & feel.

Create a Social Media Feed

In 3 easy steps


Create a feed and include whichever social media channels you prefer. Style your feed using one of our amazing themes or your own styleguide.


Posts can be automatically added to your feed or you may prefer to moderate prior to publication.


Embed your feed code snippet into your website on as many pages as you wish.

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