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Companies apply various marketing strategies to keep the business running, including maximizing the use of social media. For marketing purposes, using social media requires the users to regularly update the content to maintain audiences' engagement. It means digital marketers require a constant flow of engaging and trusted content.

Creating engaging content can be challenging. If you are facing the same problem in providing promotional content for social media, there is a great way to help you with that - using a social media wall.

Social Blend have a free plan which allows you to create a beautiful embeddable social media wall without cost.

What is a Social Media Wall?

A social media wall is a spot where various social media feeds are organized and displayed on any digital service, like blogs, websites, and digital screens. This social media wall needs an online connection since it shows interactive and real-time content from multiple social media channels.

You can customize what you want to show on the wall. The content can be in the form of photos, videos, or words from certain account feeds or hashtag feeds. Most brands use social media aggregators to help them curate, mix, and set the content as they desire.

Why Social Media Wall?

The social media wall is not only about displaying aggregated social media content on digital service but also about maximizing its usage to give the brand benefits.

Benefits of Using A Social Media Wall

  • Exhibit User-Generated Content

    User-generated content is a kind of content that is loved by both the audience and the brand. It is a showcase of their creativity.

    For the brands - a social media wall - exhibits their masterpiece and how their customers appreciate the products and services. Nothing more satisfying for the sellers to find out that their buyers love what they are selling. It is like an instant recognition for their hard work.

    For the audiences, it is a place where they can see their creative content is acknowledged and appreciated by other people and the brand they like. This will encourage them to post more content related to the brand.

  • Gain Engagement

    Having the content exposed to the public makes the posts or feeds of the brand's social media channels get more audience engagement - getting liked, commented, or shared. It will lead the content to get prioritized by the social media algorithm, making the posts or feeds reach higher visibility.

    The more people interact with your brand's content, the more organic audiences will see it in their feeds, the more potential customers will notice your brand.

    You can boost the social media wall by creating and choosing inspiring content. This kind of content will drag your audience's attention and make them want to spend more time on your channels. It also will automatically push your content rank on the search engine.

    Don't forget to give feedback in their posts. Getting double attention - feedback and displaying posts - can build a great relationship between the brand and the audience.

  • Increase The Number of Followers

    For social media addicts - once they want to be a part of your brand's campaign, they won't hesitate to follow your brand's social media account, because they want to keep updated on what kind of next posts that your brand wants.

    For potential customers, they will follow your social media channel to keep updated on what the next interesting offers they can get related to the products and services.

    Getting a huge number of followers on the brand's social media will not only bring excitement for your company but also will open a chance to use more business features on social media platforms, like Swipe-Up Link on Instagram Story.

  • Promote Hashtag Use

    The hashtag is a powerful feature in social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Using it alone on social media can drive more audience to the content.

    Moreover, showing many audiences joining your brand's hashtag campaign on the social media wall will attract other people to post their own content with the hashtag on it - just to see their content get displayed on the wall too. If the hashtag contains your brand's name, it can also increase your brand’s exposure on social media.

    Another plus point is if your company holds an event. Viewing a social media wall on a big screen that contains freshly taken photos of the event with a hashtag, then asking the visitors to join it and displaying their posts real-time, it will attract more people to use the hashtag. It is like a free event-promotion, isn't it?

  • Develop Social Proof

    Maximizing the use of social media by creating a social media wall develops social proof. Social proof means something that indicates that your brand's content is popular and reaching wide-range engagement on social media channels.

    A social media wall can be social proof for the brand because it shows many people post various content about your brand. This lets your brand gain even more engagement and recognition.

  • Increase Sales

    Great promotional content on social media is potentially able to reach a huge audience. By combining that kind of content from multiple social media channels on a social media wall can give a huge impact on the conversion.

    Your brand will get more people noticing the products and services, more potential customers to purchase them, and more loyal customers to stay with your brand.

    Besides, a social media wall that shows happy and satisfied customers in the form of user-generated or influencer marketing content can build people's trust in your brand. It will increase their initiations to do the purchase.

  • Provide Insights

    Having an interactive and real-time social media wall can be a great way for the brand to follow any conversations that are bringing your brand as the topic. Monitoring this kind of content is social listening.

    It has the advantage of providing your brand with valuable insights so that you can make any improvement to the products or services to stay competitive on the market.

With all of those benefits mentioned above, there is no reason not to start creating your brand's free social media wall. Place the content from your brand's social media channels on the wall, embed it on every digital service your brand utilizes, and see its magic works.

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9 Jun 2021

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