10 Tricks to Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

When talking about watching online videos, looking for tutorial videos, or finding out recent popular videos, YouTube must be the first thing that comes to your mind. YouTube has so much popularity, then there is no doubt it becomes a leading channel for video sharing.

Many people upload videos on YouTube, whether to get popularity, to make money, or to get both of them.

Getting more YouTube users to subscribe to your channel can be very challenging, especially if you are a new active user. But don't worry, here are 10 tricks you can execute to grow your YouTube subscribers.

10 Tricks to Grow YouTube Subscribers

  • Build SEO Friendly Videos

    Before starting your video-making project, you have to do research on what most searched topics or keywords that are related to your channel theme. It helps you to know what should be emphasized in your content.

    It is also very important to put the keywords on the video's title, description, and caption. The keywords will optimize the chance for your channel or videos to be viewed on the search engine.

  • Post High-Quality Content

    Create a high-quality video that can attract people to watch it. It is the combination of the visual, the sound, and the way you deliver the message. Don't forget to make sure the video's duration is no longer than 5 minutes since people tend to have short attention spans when it comes to watching online videos.

    If you have posted some videos before, rewatch them and decide which one is worth keeping for. Don't hesitate to delete any old video that you find uninteresting. The quality of the videos you have represents how professional your channel is.

  • Create Video Playlists

    Creating playlists can increase the watch time of the viewers because you offer other choices of video they can enjoy. So, it is essential to choose a series of videos that are related to each other.

    You also need to make sure that every new video you have just uploaded to be added to the most relatable playlist. The ease of accessing your other videos will make them stay longer on your channel.

  • Maximize The Use of Features

    There are some features on YouTube you can utilize to increase your channel and video value. They are the Channel Trailers, Cards, and End Screens.

    Channel Trailers are the short trailers that will play automatically once the viewers reach your channel. The first 20 seconds is the most important part to make the viewers stay on your video. For that reason, you need to create an engaging opening.

    Cards are a feature you use to add recommended interactive content when your video is being played, like website, video, playlist, channel, poll, link, etc. End Screens are almost the same with Cards, but the elements will be added to the video at the last 5 to 20 seconds before it ends.

  • Use Attractive Thumbnails

    Thumbnail is another important part of the video that needs to be taken seriously because it can affect your viewer's decision to play the video or not.

    A thumbnail with a human face on it - especially the smiling one - gets a higher possibility of being played compared to the others. A smiling face is considered as "openness" which can attract people to get close.

  • Build Viewers' Engagement

    Another crucial element of gaining subscribers is by building a great engagement with your viewers. The way to build it is by creating good communication.

    Respond to the viewers' comments, hold a giveaway contest that involves the viewers to subscribe to your channel, and show yourself up can make the viewers feel more connected to you.

  • Make Powerful Call-to-Action

    In making an effective CTA, maximizing the use of YouTube features can be completed by creating videos that contain an invitation for the viewers to subscribe to your channel. It will make a more powerful CTA.

    You can insert an a-few-second scene in your videos that invite the viewers to hit subscribe button. It can be appeared at the opening or in the middle of the video play. Putting it at the end of the video will be fine, but some viewers usually skip the last part of the videos.

  • Promote The Videos

    After creating your videos, don't forget to share them on other social media channels. It is a part of promoting your channel and videos so that they can reach a wider range of audiences.

    If you have online communities, you can also share your videos there, as long as the video is relevant to the communities. The people in the community tend to be more supportive of the other members.

  • Post Consistently

    Engaging the viewers is also about posting video content consistently. Consistency has the power to show how hard you work for your channel. It also makes your viewers know when to get updates from you.

    Additionally, you need to consider the frequency of the video uploading. Often post content can keep the "attachment" of the viewers to your channel. A rare update will make the viewers lose interest in the channel.

  • Use YouTube Advertising

    If it is fine for you to have more expenses, you can try to invest in YouTube Advertising to reach massive viewers since YouTube has over 2 billion active users worldwide. It is a great chance to attract more viewers to subscribe to your channel and watch your videos.

    The cost of YouTube Advertising is about $0.10 to $0.30 per view. It depends on your video quality and the target marketing. Choose a suitable package with your budget.

Those are 10 tricks to grow your YouTube subscribers that you can try. No matter how many subscribers you can get, keep on making great content for your channel. Your perseverance & hard work will be paid sooner or later.

12 Jan 2023

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